What’s the Best iPhone Case?

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Best iPhone Case Up Close Whats the Best iPhone Case?Apple’s successes with the iPhone are numerous, but perhaps none is more stunning than the series of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing designs that the company has given to its various iPhone models. Over the course of its time in the consumer marketplace, Apple has produced stunning computers, phones, and tablets, and virtually all iPhone owners are proud of their aluminum-and-glass masterpieces. Like all works of art, though, iPhones require a great deal of protection to keep them safe from scratches, cracks, scuffs, and other harm. The best iPhone cases on the market are those that recognize this need, and offer protection in the form of both shock absorption and protection of the phone’s surfaces.

Perhaps the case best suited to perform this duty is the SGP Slim Armor case sold by Spigen. The company has long been one of the leading names in mobile phone cases, protecting all models of Apple’s iPhones as well as some of the company’s chief competitors in the smartphone space. Its Slim Armor case design was created to blend hard casing with an absorbent surface, all while recognizing the iPhone’s design cues and overall appearance.

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The Two-Surface Case: How the Slim Armor Option Protects the iPhone from Damage

Most cases on the market for Apple’s smartphones focus on a single layer of protection, often with a plastic shell or a silicone wrap that prevents cracks, dings, scuffs, and more. That kind of protection is certainly a good idea, and most people find it to be perfectly suitable for their needs. For full peace of mind, though, many of these single-layer cases simply fall short. Silicone cases don’t protect the phone from higher falls, and they’re liable to fall off. Hard cases can crack, damaging the phone in the process.

The Slim Armor case, by Spigen, fixes this problem. The interior of the case is made from hard, polycarbonate plastic. This is the same type of plastic used by Apple on products like its now-discontinued MacBooks, and in older models of the iPhone prior to the iPhone 4. Highly durable, but razor thin, this polycarbonate layer is specifically included because it conforms tightly to the device and prevents against major damage to the aluminum and glass surfaces.

The case doesn’t stop there, however. What makes this the best iPhone case is its absorbent, rubber exterior. This exterior layer is placed on top of the polycarbonate material and it is designed to absorb the shock of a major drop. In fact, the company proudly advertises that the phone can fall up to two stories without experiencing major damage, thanks in no small part to this critical external layer.

Many Color Choices to Align with All Tastes

The Spigen Slim Armor case has been designed to recognize the unique design of Apple’s iPhone 5. Released in 2012, the device was the first two-tone iPhone released after the iPhone 4. The back, once made of glass, featured heavy use of aluminum in the pursuit of durability. This two-tone look is now an Apple signature, and it’s something that Spigen’s case recognizes from the moment that it is installed.

Because the case features two distinct layers of protection, it actually comes in two separate parts that are installed one after the other. The base layer comes in one color, typically black or silver, and the second layer comes in either black, slate, or white. This second layer installs directly over the aluminum core of the phone’s rear, preserving the aluminum look while offering superior protection.

This two-tone look also allows Spigen to sell a variety of color combinations that are perfect for white iPhone owners, those who prefer the black version of the device, and those who are somewhere in between those two extremes. Among the available options:

  • Satin Silver: A silver first layer pairs with an all-white second layer, inverting the colors of the white iPhone 5 in a stunning way.
  • Gunmetal: A black first layer is paired with a dark gray second layer, and replicates almost exactly the appearance of the black iPhone 5.
  • Metal Slate: Based on the colors found in Mac OS X’s “graphite” color scheme, the metal slate case comes with a black first layer and a medium-blue overlay that adds a unique appearance to either the white or black iPhone.

No Reduction in Phone Functionality After Slim Armor Installation

The Slim Armor case is one of the thinnest dual-layer iPhone cases available, which is another feature that makes this easily the best iPhone case on the market. Its slim construction means that Apple’s earpods, and virtually all other types of headphones, will still fit perfectly into the device’s headphone jack. Furthermore, Spigen has worked to ensure that the device’s speaker remains uncovered and as perfectly loud as it is when a case is not in use with the phone.

All told, these small details are the key reason for the Slim Armor being the best iPhone case currently available. With two layers of protection, compatibility with all headphones on the market, and an emphasis on maintaining the phone’s functionality, users will be protected and confident of their phone’s safety in surprising new ways.

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