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Best iPhone 5s Wallet Case1 Best iPhone 5s Wallet CaseCM4 has made another exceptional case for the iPhone 5s. To date I believe this to be the best iPhone 5s wallet case on the market. A number of features help the case stand out from the many cases on the market.

The case replaces your wallet by attaching one to the back of your iPhone. This is great for anyone that is tired of carrying a bulky wallet around in their back pocket or purse. The CM4 has made a wallet case with great build quality. The front is made of a rubber material that can fit over your iPhone easily while the back is made of a faux leather that would be hard to tell apart from the real thing. You can feel the quality when you put this case on your phone and it looks great.

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The case has a few openings to allow for various features on the iPhone. On the bottom they made sure not to cover the microphone, speaker, or headphone jack. The design also allows you to plug adaptors such as the 30 pin to lightning dock adaptor. This is a great addition and separates this case from others on the market. The camera is left with a wide opening to allow for better pictures. There is also an opening so that you can easily access the mute switch. The volume buttons are covered by the case but this does not effect the tactility of the buttons in any way.

The wallet section can easily fit 2-3 cards and some cash in while keeping a slim profile for the iPhone 5s. This allows you to bring the essentials such as your Drivers license, Debit Card, and Credit Card with some extra cash. They included an opening at the left side of the case to help you to easily push the cards out. The stitching on the wallet sections seems nice and doesn’t feel like it will tear over time.

As an extra they have included a microfiber cloth to clean your iPhone with. This is a nice touch to add on a top quality product.

The CM4 is the best iPhone 5s wallet case I have reviewed and recommend it if you are in the market for a new case. It feels sturdy, looks great, reduces bulk and comes in three colors (brown, green, red, black).

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