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410w6kzWw3L. SL160  Best iPhone 5s Battery CaseWe rely on our smartphones for just about everything these days. But what about those times when battery life can’t quite keep up with your needs? Enter uNu’s DX Battery & Case for the iPhone 5 or 5s, the best and highest rated iPhone 5/5s battery case on the market. Now you can have over twice the battery life out of your favorite mobile device and not skimp on protection either. Featuring a sleek and slim design, this case adds as little as possible to your phone while increasing the battery life by another 100%.

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Refined and Better Than Ever

Using their expertise gained from the undeniable success of their battery case for the iPhone 4/4S, uNu set out to design an even better case for Apple successor to their best selling iPhone line. While they managed to make their case even slimmer and lighter, they also stuck an even larger battery inside. Weighing in at only 2.9 ounces and adding just 15.5mm to your device, it manages to push the limits of your iPhone by adding days of standby time, 10 hours of talk time, or 8 hours of web browsing to the iPhone’s already impressive endurance.

The case also features multiple features for controlling the draw from the case or the phone. With several settings to charge up your iPhone when you want, allowing you to wear the case only when you need the extra juice if you so choose. It also features a striking LED battery indicator that blends in quite well and provides glancable information regarding your extra battery’s status. Dead battery? With a full one amp output it can charge an iPhone from dead very quickly.

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Boosting the iPhone’s battery life over 100% doesn’t have to be ugly either. uNu obviously went to great lengths to make their previous design even sleeker, and their efforts are readily observed. Featuring a much slimmed down design and rock solid fit and finish, this case looks and feels great. It also comes in colors to match any style with Matte Black, White, or Red finishes available. This case also adds functionality to your iPhone, switching the Lightning power adapter for the industry standard MicroUSB, allowing you to use a much more common power cable to charge your iPhone and the case. However, should you find yourself with only Apple’s Lightning cable, don’t worry - you can still top up your iPhone by removing the case.

Class Leading Protection

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uNu didn’t stop at class leading battery life either. They take protecting your investment seriously. uNu performed over a thousand drop tests to ensure the integrity of their design. With an added upper lip that surrounds the front of the device that helps protect the corners, one of the most susceptible parts of any modern smart phone design. This helps prevent those cracked displays that are increasingly more common among smart phone owners. Also included to help protect your display is a built in screen protector to prevent scratches and damage to that screen we all love so much.

Additionally this case has been tested extensively by Apple Labs and has a certification to show for it. The Made For iPhone certification means that it has been tested by Apple developers themselves and found to be up to their high standards of performance and reliability.

If you find your iPhone 5 or 5s lacking in the battery life department you can spruce things up with uNu’s DX battery case which offers much better battery life and versatility while not skimping on protecting your device from costly falls. uNu’s commitment to quality and the rave reviews make this case the best available battery case for the iPhone 5/5s.

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