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Best iPad Case Jisoncase Executive Best iPad Case

There are a lot of things to consider when giving the best iPad case to a product but after a long evaluation of thousands of cases on the market the honor goes to the Jisoncase Executive Premium Leatherette Smart Cover Case.

Jisoncase Executive Case

This isn’t the most popular case out there as it seems few people know about it. As for those who do, this case shines in both quality and functionality. It protects with both a hard outer shell and a leather smart cover.

The first thing you will notice when you slip this case on your iPad is the snug fit. Next you will see that the smart cover has a strong magnet that will not allow the cover to open or slip off accidentally while taking full advantage of the on and off function that Apple has built into their own smart cover. This allows the screen to turn off when the cover is closed and automatically turn on when the cover is lifted saving battery life be putting the iPad into a low power state and returning to full power when the screen is activated.

Best iPad Case Gumdrop Best iPad Case

Gumdrop Cases

One of the great things about the Gumdrop series of cases is the way they are able to combine several shock absorbing layers while maintaining a light and thin construction. In a similar fashion to the Otterbox, though much lighter, the Gumdrop case uses a polycarbonate shell surrounded by a soft layer of silicone to make it sturdy yet easy to grip. This combination provides excellent protection in the event of a drop or ding.

Unlike the Otterbox the screen protector is replaceable and easily removed. This way the screen can look brand new again without having to shell out money for a whole new case. The case is available in several colors making it a great case that will be sure to match any iPad or personal taste.

Best iPad Case OtterBox Best iPad Case

OtterBox Defender

The ultimate standard for mobile device protection was set early on by the OtterBox. No other company was really doing what these folks were by providing and extreme case with 360 degree protection. When they first came out they were so expensive that they nearly cost as much as the phone itself but over time they have been the go to case for the best protection. Today there is much more competition out there and though Otterbox is still doing fine and making good products they just might not be the “best” anymore.

The secret to the Otterbox success is a shock absorbent silicone exterior which surrounds a strong polycarbonate shell. Surrounding the case are port savers which keep dust and dirt out of all the ports when they are not in use. When you like you can easily flip the silicone up exposing the desired port. The front of the case includes a built in screen protector to finish off the full body protection. The screen protection goes one step further by a protective membrane which resists fingerprints and scratches while remaining completely transparent and unnoticeable.

Why do I need a case?

The iPad itself is a solid product. The outer shell is carved from a solid piece of aluminum and the screen is made from scratch resistant glass. Many people, myself included, ask themselves if it’s really worth the cost and hassle to get a case for the iPad especially if it will just be used around the house.

The simple truth is that you probably don’t need a case for regular use around the living room. However, many people rely on their iPads for work or school and not only take them everywhere they go but often go in places which are not tech friendly such as construction sites or the cockpit of an airplane. So, if you find that you are described as the person who is often on the go then read on because the question is no longer if you need a case but what case will suit your individual needs.

Types of Cases

There are literally thousands of cases to choose from which vary in materials, colors, and most importantly quality. Any case will provide more protection than not using one at all but depending on personal taste and the type of activates you are involved in some types may be better options than others. Be sure to explore all options before making your final decision.

Hard Shell

The hard shell case is one of the most common. This is a case that snaps onto the back of the iPad adding protection against drops and dings. Just sliding across the table can lead to scratches and imperfections in the aluminum backing making a hard shell a great option to keep your tablet looking new.

Though there are other materials out there, most hard shell cases come in a plastic or polycarbonate martial. They are easily mass produced using liquid injected into a mold making them an affordable option with a multitude of colors and styles available.

Smart Cover

Apple showed off its first smart cover with the release of the iPad 2. Available in polycarbonate and leather they combined screen protection with a screen cleaning microfiber. This isn’t the only thing that makes the cover smart. There is a magnet on the edge of the cover which not only helps keep it closed but shuts of the screen saving battery life by putting the iPad in a low power state. When the cover is lifted the screen automatically turns on.

The cover is held in place by a magnetic hinge that stays in place whether the cover is closed or not. When open the cover can fold behind the device or can be folded to be used as a stand either with a slight angle to make typing easier or nearly vertical for viewing video.

Since the first smart case was reveled years ago many manufactures have created alternatives to what some people consider and overpriced Apple accessory. They are available in a variety of colors and materials and can sometimes be found paired with a hard case. Once you use a smart cover you will never go back! The ease of use and added functionality is quite impressive.

Keyboard Case

For anyone looking to do lots of data entry or just looking to replace a laptop with a tablet a keyboard case is an awesome solution! The case snaps onto the front of the iPad when not in use and then easily snaps off. Once off the case can be flipped over and doubles as a Bluetooth keyboard. These often include a stand for the iPad to use while typing. Since they are wireless battery life can be a concern, however, most of the leading manufactures have very efficient keyboards that can go weeks without recharging.

Folio Case

A folio case is a case in which the iPad is slipped into a leather or plastic backing which is attached to a screen cover of some sort. It’s sort of like a back and front cover all in one but the iPad remains inside the entire time. They may have pockets for storing business cards or papers and often have a way to allow the tablet to stand up. They may zip, snap, or use a magnet to stay closed. This is a product which is geared towards the business users but can be useful to students as well.


A sleeve offers great protection when transporting your iPad. The most protective sleeves can save your iPad when dropped on concrete of even if something were to be dropped on the iPad after it is dropped on concrete. Not all sleeves out there will provide this level of protection. Be sure to check out our recommendation for the best sleeve.

Since this site was created to help folks find the best case, which I think of as the case which provides the best protection for whatever particular situation someone finds themselves in, I frequently overlook other reasons that someone may want a case or sleeve; style. For anyone looking for a stylish or fissionable case for their iPad a sleeve is the way to go. There are many hand stitched and one of a kind options out there from well known designers to fashion startups. There is, without a doubt, sure to be a sleeve out there for anyone, no matter how unique your personality may be.

Messenger Bag

An iPad messenger bag is typically made from leather or cloth. It has a shoulder strap which you can wear across your body or on a shoulder. This is a nice option for someone who is on the go and may take some additional items along but not so much that they would need a backpack. Messenger bags make taking your tablet with you incredibly easy and is often combined with a hard case and or smart cover for protection when not in the bag.

There are many practical reasons to go with a messenger bag, but, as many of you will attest, there are just as many, if not more social reasons to go with a messenger. With so many materials available there is bound to be a bag that will fit any need or personality. There are often hand crafted bags that can be found online, in malls, or even at craft shows which are made specifically to carry an iPad.


Many backpack makers are taking advantage of the tablet market by adding compartments or sleeves which are meant to slip an iPad into. Bags which are designed to carry a laptop now typically come with a sleeve for a tablet as well. The backpack offers great protection and may be a product which you are already in the market for so be sure to pick one that has a sleeve for the iPad in the middle of the bag to keep it free from any bumps or bruises along the way.

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